September 17, 2013

The Unqualified Weaponsmith

Well I've decided on a costume.  I'm going to attempt Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.  This is going to take all year.  The most difficult part to her costume is her longbow:

I plan on starting the longbow soon.  Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures and post my progress.  I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures of things!

Looking at the stuff that I will be making, this costume will require very little sewing.  There is, however, a great deal of pattern making involved.  I've already hand sketched the bow into 1:1 scale pieces.  It's going to be an interesting challenge.  I have no artistic skills.  I can't draw and I can't sculpt (honestly I've never tried sculpting).  I'm excited, overwhelmed, and terrified all at the same time.  I do have a plan, though.  But like most of my plans, it'll change at least 15 times before I finish it.  

I don't want to abandon sewing for this project.  I would still like to do other side projects in between.  After my last project, I've decided that I need a dress form.  My sewing life will be SO much easier with a dress form instead of trying to fit things to myself.

I'm thinking about working on a shirt next.  I haven't done sleeves yet so it'll be an interesting learning experience.  I'm looking at Butterick 5857.

It's cute and it look works appropriate.  And it doesn't look all that difficult, either.  Since I'm (trying) to lose weight, I don't want to spend a lot of money and effort on something I'll (hopefully) not fit into in a few months.

I also would like to try my hand at making a coat.  Winter is coming so it would be a good project.  I saw a REALLY cute coat inspired by Doctor Who.  It was TARDIS blue and had an adorable tulle trim along the bottom.  I may do something like that.  So many projects in my head but so little time to actually do them...

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