September 10, 2013

So what next?

I have a lot of sewing project ideas floating around in my head, but I'm not sure which one to do next!  I do know that I need to come up with a good cosplay idea for next year.  I'd love to do Ms. Marvel, but that requires skin tight clothing and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that yet.

I have been Ms. Marvel before, but only in animated form:

Being a World of Warcraft player, I've always loved Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.  She is absolutely my favorite character in the Warcraft universe.  It would be a massive undertaking.  I have NO idea how I would do it, but it would be amazing to cosplay as the Dark Lady.  I'd also have to really focus on getting into "bare mid drift" shape.  That's going to be just as difficult as armor crafting!!

First things first: Halloweenizing my Twilight Sparkle costume.  I do need to make a jacket for it because late October is cold here in Pennsylvania.  I don't think I'll enjoy freezing my hooves off on Trick or Treat night!  And Lily needs a cute Spike costume.  I really should work on those things before I jump into another project.  It'll be difficult to find the perfect jacket for this costume.  I have enough dark purple costume satin left and I bet I could double line it with fleece to make it a little warmer.  I am not looking forward to working with costume satin again...

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