August 22, 2013

More focus issues and steampunk costumes

Enough distractions!!  I am finishing this costume before I start any new projects (no matter how adorable those project ideas are).

Today I am inserting the busk for my corset.  I have truly been dreading this.  I ordered a 13" busk for a full length corset because I was told to use a busk that is long enough to stay straight and not poke me uncomfortably when I'm seated.  Now that I have it, I'm concerned that it won't be long enough.  It's a lot flimsier than I expected so I will make sure to reinforce it with boning.  My goal is to have my corset completely together tonight.  I may need to reevaluate the length of this corset before I start measuring for boning.  I'm not sure I need for it to be so long.  I love the elegance of long line corsets, but I may have to save that for another costume.  It really depends on how it looks with the kind of skirt I'm thinking about.

The next thing that I need to start planning for this costume is the skirt.  I haven't gotten the fabric OR the pattern for my skirt yet.  I've changed my mind on this at least 20 times but I think I've finally settled on Simplicity 1819 for the skirt.  Possibly the jacket as well.  With all the work I'm putting into this costume, the last thing I want is for it to look thrown together.

My bestie is doing a steampunk inspired costume as well, so it will be pretty cool to coordinate especially since the characters we're portraying have NOTHING to do with one another.  She is using Simplicity 1558 as the inspiration for her skirt.

We both have a lot to do and the convention is in two weeks.  Stress?  Maybe a little.

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