August 20, 2013

Unfocused musings

The most amazing thing happened to me last night while I was doing the mock up for my dress:  IT WAS A WHOLE SIZE TOO BIG!!  [5 second dance party].  It was an exciting feeling.  Now I get to remake it in the next smaller size...or keep eating the cake in front of me until it fits.

Before I started my dress I tried my hand at simple home decor.  Draperies to be specific.  Draperies for the window that my sewing table faces.  I figure this is the best window to do first because it's the one that stares at me the most.

Nothing fancy (it's actually muslin).  Just enough to feel a little more put together.  I have been looking for the perfect fabric to do something for this window but I haven't quite found it.  The colors I want to use in this room are blue, green, and brown.  It's strange.  Now that I finished this micro-project, I keep walking around the house looking at all of the curtains that I can upgrade.  This is going to turn into an expensive hobby.

Back to my dress.  I'm putting together Butterick 5322 (the boat neck version).  The pattern looks simple enough, until I got to pinning the bodice.  Pinning around the bust area was tricky!!  I need to figure out the trick with that because it shouldn't have taken me so long.  I have a fabric already picked out for this but I want to get the technique down before I start cutting into it.   It wouldn't be difficult to replace if I do ruin it though.  Sage green broadcloth cotton:

I also need to figure out how to stay focused instead of jumping between projects!!  In my defense, it's quite challenging to do when I have all this pretty fabric laying around and adorable patterns waiting to be taken out of their envelopes.  I'm going to have an epic UFO (un-finished objects) box...

I'm thinking of entering my first contest: the mini-wardrobe contest.  Originally I thought it was to make a wardrobe of mini clothes (Lily the chihuahua has an extensive wardrobe just begging for additions).  The rules actually are to make 4 articles of clothing and use only those pieces to make 4 outfits.  Sounds like fun!  Maybe that will keep me remotely focused after (if) I finish my costume.  

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