March 6, 2014

Layout >> You Are Lovely

Yay!!!!  I'm back!!  I've been having serious scrapper's block for the last few weeks.  I've done a few layouts before this one but they've all been scraplifted so I don't feel right sharing them.  

This is the first layout I have to share for the Studio Calico Sugar Rush scrapbook kit.  I was excited to try a new ribbon technique!  I'm even more excited that it turned out really well!!

I also got a new daylight light bulb and a new cell phone so I've been experimenting with the camera.  I have to say I'm really pleased.  I do need to work on positioning the light better, though.  Some of the pictures are a little darker than I intended them to be.

Hopefully this is the end of my scrapper's block.  It has been an infuriating and disappointing few weeks!!

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  1. Lovely layout! I think you shouldn't be shy to share your lifted layouts. As long as you give credit where its due and maybe ask for permission from the creator with a link back to the original project, you should be good to go. Its always fun to see how people make changes from the inspiration piece. Also, have you tried the Pictapgo app on your iphone? It makes brightening dark pictures a snap! Glad you got your scrap mojo back!

  2. I love the ribbon technique and the row of photos! Really cute layout!