December 22, 2013

Layout: Ready for Santa

I experimented with cutout windows on my background. I'm really pleased with how this turned out!  I'm also taking a shot at photographing specific portions of my layout. 

I do have a D-SLR that I'm not entirely sure how to use.  I understand the basic concepts (obviously) but getting the advanced settings right drives me absolutely bonkers.  Also, our house only gets good natural light in one room - the upstairs bathroom (which isn't an ideal place to photograph anything you'd like the public to see).  So I'm left with the only (artificially) well lit room in the house - our dining room.  The lighting in there is VERY warm....too warm.  So until I can get some good shots, these will have to do.  I don't care what anybody says - iPhone 4S photos are just terrible.  I guess that means I have a decent New Years Resolution - learn how to use my D-SLR without spending my entire income on accessories for it.  My fiance would not be pleased if I had TWO expensive habits.  If anybody has any tips for me, let me know in the comments!

This layout is of our finished tree.  All of the presents are out and we are absolutely ready for Santa.  We don't make gingerbread men, but Santa does get a plate of snicker doodles and fudge!

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