May 29, 2014

Spending freeze and wedding countdown!

I totally got yelled at for how much money I've been spending on supplies lately.  I knew it was going to happen eventually.  It's probably a good idea to do that spending freeze that I was thinking about doing.

Starting in June, I will go on a spending freeze until the end of August.  I will allow myself to purchase essentials (like adhesive), my subscriptions (no add-ons though), and things that I will need for wedding DIY, but that's it. 

This includes not buying stuff to do my wedding album!  I have kit subscriptions for a reason so I can use those (and I have quite a few untouched kits right now).  I have placed my final order before the freeze starts for adhesive and my wedding albums, and I am done.  

Anybody else on a spending freeze?  How's it going?  Let me know!

The spending freeze shouldn't be too much of an issue for June since scrapbooking has kinda gone on the back burner the past few weeks.  Why's that, you ask?

I'm getting married in 16 days!!  AAAAHH!!

The past few weeks have been taken over by last minute DIY wedding decorations and finishing touches.  I'm really hoping to have everything done and packed up for the wedding by the end of this weekend.

It feels weird to tell myself "no" to scrapbooking, especially when I'm finally feeling inspired and motivated!  I have a partially finished mini album and a not quite started mini album staring at me every time I sit down at my desk and decide that I need to do something else instead of finish them. 

After my last dress fitting tonight perhaps I will be able to get a few projects finished.  So far I haven't been too stressed and I don't want that to change now.

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