February 10, 2014

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Happy Monday everybody!  I haven't blogged (or scrapped) for a while...  I tend to lose my mojo when I get sick.  I'm determined to get back at it!!  Unfortunately, that may mean scrapping some strange things.  Like my World of Warcraft character, or my brother and sister in law, or more pictures of my dogs.  I guess it doesn't matter as long as I get scrapping, huh?  

I'm anxiously awaiting my February Project Life kit.  Currently I have 2 weeks of stuff to put in PL but I don't have my kit yet.  Hopefully it'll arrive by the end of the week.

Even though I adore the color combinations in the Scraptastic Mr. Big Stuff kit, I'm having a hard time using them.  They're all such adorable patterns, but they really compete with each other.  There aren't enough solids.  And it's a lot of polka dots and plaids (which do not look good together).  I'm really glad I got the extra cardstock addon for this one.

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