August 15, 2013

It starts with a pincushion...

I’m not a seamstress.  In fact, I only started sewing three weeks ago.  I actually ordered a sewing machine so that I could make a costume for a comic book convention because I couldn’t find it in the color I actually wanted.  I am entirely unqualified to have sewing blog.  However, in the time that I’ve had that machine, I have done more work on other projects than I have on my costume and have truly enjoyed being able to create things (regardless of my inability to admit that a good portion of them have been failures).  Honestly, though, it doesn’t matter how I got here, just that I did.

Last week I looked at the boring tomato pincushion that was given to me in my inaugural sewing kit and realized that it just doesn’t do anything for me.  I am not a generic tomato.  I do everything else with my own little flair, so why should this be different?  Thus my quest for the cutest pincushion began.  Over the course of a few hours I saw a lot of pincushions, but only a few of them truly stood out:

I must have gone to 4 or 5 places looking for the perfect shoe and never found one.  I saw the arm chair pincushion at a fabric store but it was a little out of my price range.  So after staring at my scrap fabric pile, I decided to made the last one:

As this was my first pincushion, I got a little hot glue happy (how else do you get everything to stay in place??).  I didn’t think about it at the time, but now my pins don’t actually push through.  Since it took me a good 4 hours to make, I didn’t want to make it again!!  I also refuse to accept my failure on this project so I’m now calling it an “intentional knick-knack”.

Enter the dress form pincushion.  I found this lovely gem while web browsing after my failed chair pincushion.  So last night I gathered up the supplies to make one for myself and one for my friend!  And neither of them are failures!!  YAY!!!

I chose the blue and green fabric for myself to match my sewing space, and I chose the pink and red fabric for my friend (her favorite colors).  They were super easy to make once I figured out all the little nuances.  These will make fantastic gifts!  I also have a 9 year old in my life and I’m sure her friends would love these as gifts.

One thing I always see people do in blogs is ask a question to their assumed readership.  I'm pretty sure my current readership is either imaginary or non-sewers, but I'm going to ask anyway.  Tell me what kind of pincushion you use, and do you think it could use a little makeover?


  1. I actually had a little stuffed Pokemon that came in a happy meal eons ago. I hot glued it on top of a black and yellow fabric covered foam half ball (aka, Ultraball!). Sooo, that's how Meowth became my pincushion.